The TSRT is committed to promoting patient safety and the radiologic sciences by working with ASRT, ARRT, state legislatures and state regulatory agencies in Texas. The mission of the TSRT Legislative Committee is to promote, enhance and defend professional standards in Texas.

ONE Voice

The actions of legislative bodies can have a profound effect on the education and well being of radiologic professionals, and TSRT serves as the voice of Texas technologists in many legislative endeavors. TSRT supports legislation that improves health, well being and educational opportunities for every imaging professional. Successful implementation of our legislative positions is characterized by people working together to assure wise legistative decisions through knowledge of the process and an understanding of the issue.

Ways to Participate in the Legislative Process

Want to be a stronger advocate for patient safety? Get Involved! TSRT needs you! Your voice is key to our efforts to pass laws that protect and enhance the lives of patients and imaging professional exposed to radiation. There are many ways that you can be involved:

  • Sign up for Legislative Briefings and for Action Alerts. These updates will keep you apprised of activity in the legislature on our legislative priorities.
  • Schedule a meeting with your legislators in your home district. Legislators are more likely to consider your opinions as a constituent than almost any other. You do not need to have a polished speech or printed business cards. You just need a passion for issues that impact the imaging profession.
  • Make calls to your legislators to communicate TSRT’s position on critical issues before the legislature.
  • Come to Austin to testify before a committee on TSRT legislative priorities. Testimony is typically limited to 3-5 minutes. We are available to assist you in preparing your remarks.
  • Follow the progress of our legislation. You can track the progress of legislation of interest to TSRT on your own. To do so log on to the Texas Legislature website: www.capitol.state.tx.us At the home page, in the middle column under the heading “Search Legislation”, you may conduct a search of any bill by entering the bill number or a word or phrase that would be contained in the bill.
  • Volunteering for the Grass-roots Network is easy. The TSRT Grass-roots Network unites radiologic technologists and offers a unified voice that can make a difference for your profession and patients. We encourage you to TAKE ACTION. We want to hear about your experience with elected officials. Tell us how you got involved in advocacy andwhat you’ve done to promote your profession.

The most important thing to remember is that your voice is important. You CAN and you DO make a difference when you decide to use your voice!

Legislative Updates & Action Items

Texas Administrative Code Title 22