Communication Policy

At the beginning of each term, the TSRT electronic logo will be provided to the newly elected officer. All TSRT written documents must have this logo on it or must come from the TSRT email program (Runbox). Persons other than those named above will be provided the logo by the Executive Office Manager upon direction of the board. Each elected officer, area counselor, and committee chair will have a file folder in the Runbox account to store communications on behalf of TSRT.

The TSRT logo is to be used only upon authorization of the TSRT board. When using the logo, all individuals are reminded that they are representing TSRT. Each individual using the TSRT logo must be conscious at all times of what they are saying in print and how it might be interpreted by others and whether they are truly reflecting established policies. This policy includes the use of actual TSRT documents and electronic scanning of TSRT documents.

Individuals may not redesign or change the official TSRT logo or font when representing the TSRT on any communications including official letters, board reports, memos, etc. The Technology Committee has been established to review all information prior to publication or public dissemination. They will only publish documents approved by the TSRT Executive Board under the direction of the TSRT Board Chair.

Board approved communications must be approved and filed in the TSRT Executive Office. The board must approve any communications prior to dissemination when involving the following areas:

1. Any communication involving solicitation of funds

2. Any communication involving a purchase or expenditure of TSRT funds over $500

3. Any statement of TSRT position

4. Any mass communication which is being sent to the general membership, related organizations or radiologic technologists in general