TXSRT Board Code of Conduct

TXSRT Board Code of Conduct

I realize that to be the most effective advocate for the radiologic sciences in Texas we, as a board, must function as a team. To this end I pledge to do my best to adhere to the principles listed below. Should I, for whatever reason, fail to follow these guidelines, I ask my fellow board members to call it to my attention. If that happens, I pledge to accept the feedback without anger or finger pointing, and to renew my efforts to follow this Code of Conduct.

1. I will always strive to put the needs of all radiologic technologists above the wants of one individual and will make decisions in terms of the educational welfare of all imaging professionals in Texas regardless of ability, race, creed, ethnicity, social standings, etc.

2. I will not make derogatory comments about another board member, either publicly or privately. I will not intentionally embarrass TXSRT or staff members in public.

3. I will be open, honest, and direct about my position on an issue.

4. I will come to board meetings prepared and on time. I will not ask data related questions if data has been provided or if I have been given the opportunity to get the data.

5. I will not explain or represent to others the views of another board member.

6. I will accept criticism without getting defensive or angry.

7. I will ask questions only for the purpose of getting information, not to advance a political agenda or play to the audience.

8. I will notify another board member up front if the content of our conversation is to remain confidential.

9. I will be open minded and willing to listen to the opinions of others. I will express my views in a positive and constructive manner and will not attempt to monopolize the conversation. I reserve the right to disagree, but I will not be disagreeable. Nor will I harbor grudges from past issues or events.

10. I will hold confidential all matters pertaining to employees or members that, if disclosed, may needlessly injure individuals; and I will respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged under applicable law.

11. I will not let personal pride, ego, grudges, friendships, or other personal considerations influence my decision making or vote.

12. I will be responsible for setting policy and support the TXSRT Board and Officers in managing TXSRT and directing employees in organizational matters.

Adopted by TXSRT Board 2020-2021

Kyle Green, Board Chair

S. Jeanifeer Lara , President

Jose Rodriguez, President Elect

Rodney Fisher, Vice President

Jennifer Otrezov, Treasurer/Secretary