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Committees, Programs, & Task Forces

Committees shall be defined as a regularly established group of elected and/or appointed members operating consistently for the term of duty, one (1) year. Programs shall be defined as a tenured activity or group of activities with a more specific purpose that may be ongoing without conclusion, requiring the management of elected and/or appointed members without interruption. Task force shall be defined as a temporary assembly of elected and/or appointed members charged with a specific purpose to be deactivated upon completion or after a prescribed time frame but may be activated irregularly according to operational needs. Other human resources shall be defined as a generic term used to describe similar categories not appropriately qualifying as any of the entities previously described.

  1. The Executive Board shall maintain and/or establish committees, programs, and/or task forces as deemed necessary to aid the TXSRT in carrying on its activities.  
  2. The Executive Board shall seek committee chairs and members, program managers and staff, task force leaders and champions, and volunteers from TXSRT membership through volunteer application process. Chairs, managers, and leaders will be appointed according to preparedness, service, and ability.
  3. The Executive Board shall review volunteer applications, select appointments, and communicate an offer letter to each appointee upon Executive Board approval.
  4. The President shall serve as an Ex Officio member of all entities.
    1. Each Committee, program, and task force will report directly to a designated Executive Board Officer.
    2. Committee, program, and task force assignments shall be displayed in the Organizational Chart as well as focus areas
    3. Assignments may be revised at the discretion of the Executive Board based on the following considerations:
      1. The reorganization strategically employs each committee under the best leadership based on objective assessment and consensus.
      1. The reorganization does not omit or disregard any of the prescribed or implied duties conflicting with the interest or well-being of our organization.
      1. The reorganization promotes the effective performance of duty not the omission of the same nor does the reorganization create an obvious shift in duty concentrated or depreciated within a noticeable minority.
  1. The term for all entities previously described shall not exceed one (1) year. The term of appointment shall be initiated by the close of the immediate Annual Meeting following appointment and concluding after the discharge of duty during the Post Annual Meeting Debriefing.
  2. Definitions, expectations, and standards are hereby detailed under the section on Committees, Programs, Task Forces, and Other Human Resources, serving as the guide and standing rules of such.
Committees Programs

TSRT Annual Meeting Committee 
– Budgets and Bylaws Committee
Honors and Awards Committee
Legislative Committee
– Nominating Committee
– Organizational Development and Marketing Committee (ODM)
– Student Affairs & Academic Programs
– Technology Committee

– Volunteer Engagement Committee

Local Area Committee
– Continuing Education Program

Review the Organizational Guidebook for more information


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For more information, please review the Operational Guidebook with Standing Rules located on the txsrt.org home page under Operational Procedures of the main menu.
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