TSRT Privacy Policy

Distribution of Member Contact Information

The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists takes seriously the privacy of its members’contact information and abides by all federal and state privacy laws regarding postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses. To help keep member dues as low as possible, the TSRT may at times rent postal addresses to businesses that offer products or services that might be of interest to TSRT members. TSRTmembers consent to such rental by virtue of their membership in the TSRT.

Mail Lists

The TSRT does not rent mail lists containing members’ postal addresses. TSRT business partners may receive a mail list of member addresses as part of their negotiated contract with TSRT.

Affiliate Subordinates and Volunteers

TSRT affiliate subordinates, TSRT volunteers, individuals and organizations that participate with TSRT in joint projects may use contact information provided by TSRT for TSRT business only. These groups must ensure that all communication with TSRT members adheres to TSRT policies concerning content, that the orignator of the content is properly identified, and that the content in no way defames or infringes upon the rights of any individual or entity.

The TSRT will abide by the terms and policies of its mother organization ASRT. Please visit their website at www.asrt.org for additional policy and procedure guidelines.