RAD TEES T-Shirt Competition 2021


First Place          $150.00 Cash Award

Second Place     $100.00 Cash Award

Third Place         $  50.00 Cash Award

All TSRT students registered for the meeting may participate in the T-Shirt Contest. This will be held immediately after the Student Bee. Each program will select two student members from their program to present their school’s T-Shirt to a panel of judges. Each judge will evaluate the T-Shirt using the TSRT T-Shirt rubric.

Rules for T-Shirt Contest

  • The design for the T-Shirt will be submitted in JPG format at the same time as the application is filled out below.  
  • Two students from each program will present their T-shirt.
  • T-shirt must be presented in two minutes or less (presentations over two minutes will be disqualified).


  • A panel of 3-4 judges will be selected by the RADS TEES Coordinator.
  • Judges will use the approved scoring grid.
  • Scores will be tallied and then averaged.
  • The program with the highest score will be declared the winner.
  • Awards/winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony, winners are encouraged to attend.

If the winning program is unable to attend the Awards Ceremony, their award will be mailed to the Director of their educational.  It will be the responsibility of the director/institution to forward and distribute the award to the recipient.

Scoring Rubric
1. T-shirt Design & Creativity Good – (3 points) Fair – (2 points) Acceptable-(1 point)
2. Presentation of shirt (2 minutes) Good – (3 points) Fair – (2 points) Acceptable-(1 point)
3. Promotion of Imaging Sciences Good – (3 points) Fair – (2 points) Acceptable-(1 point)
Total Score ___________


Submissions closed March 15th