In response to the COVID-19 impact the 88th Annual Meeting & Educational Symposium is hereby postponed until further notice

ATTN: Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists Inc.
The 88th Annual Meeting & Educational Symposium
CC: A.M.E.S. Registered & Prospective Guests
Student Competition Participants
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St. Philip’s College
San Antonio, Texas
04/02/2020 – 04/04/2020
March 5, 2020

The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists Inc. Board of Directors were convened for a special meeting to address the rising concerns and potential impact of the COVID-19. The meeting consisted of the following executive officers (voting): President B. Kyle Green, Board Chair Brandon A. Smith, President-Elect S. Jeanifeer Lara, Vice President Jose Rodriguez, and Secretary-Treasurer Jennifer Otrevoz. The meeting was also attended by the Executive Office Manager Marilu Kameliski, a non-voting board member. The meeting was held March 4, 2020 calling to order at approximately 7:00PM CST via teleconference.
Due to the experienced and potential impact communicated to and/or anticipated by our TSRT Board of Directors previously this week, the Executive Board of Directors have voted to indefinitely postpone the onsite 88th Annual Meeting and Educational Symposium based on public welfare, membership consideration, the current state of emergency as well as its unpredictable trajectory at this time, and to effectively minimize the negative impact of all A.M.E.S. stakeholders. Please be advised of the following:

  1. Why: The spread of the COVID-19 has increased the liability of large crowds and populations. The publicity of the COVID-19 has activated many individuals, organizations, institutions, and employers to suspend travel/events/operations in response. Our Society, specifically, was notified about the potential of losing one (1) or more vendors/services due to the current state of the COVID-19. Some of the timelines of potential cancellation would have had an increased-negative impact to our members/attendees due to the proximity to the A.M.E.S., logistic considerations (traveling, lodging, costs, etc.), and safety concerns. Although this was a difficult decision, our responsibility is to our membership and communities foremost.
  2. Postponed indefinitely: reserved from the complete cancellation, contingent on the progression of the COVID-19 impact. This means we are monitoring the situation to immediately identify when/if a new date/time, intended on the same location if possible, to host our 88th A.M.E.S. At this time, we are not moving to cancel the meeting for this year, 2020.
  3. Transaction of TSRT Business: the Board of Directors is currently preparing to host a formal web-based/virtual business meeting implementing the proper resources for coordination, accessibility, credentialing, and voting to transact such annual business not limited to Bylaw Amendments, Budgetary Review & Approval for next fiscal year, and other parliamentary objectives in accordance with the current bylaws. The date/time will be communicated at least thirty (30) days prior to the transaction of the meeting, exceeding the standards of the bylaws.
  4. Honors, Awards, & Ceremonies: The nomination process was properly transacted and concluded prior to this challenge. We have received several nominations for all awards & honors and those nominations shall stand. The evaluation and selection process will continue to identify each award recipient. Due to the celebration being held at the Annual Meeting, all ceremonies will be postponed at this time. We will communicate our strategy for celebrating the nominees/recipients at a later date.
  5. What About the Graduating Students? This aspect proves to be one of the most challenging dilemmas considering our graduating students eager to compete. At this time, the Board of Directors is charged with identifying, developing, and implementing a solution to addressing this concern. Whether it is creating value and opportunities to our current students as graduating students or entry level professions, we, the Board of Directors, are committed to delivering. We will be reaching out for feedback to collaborate with the students affected to achieve the shared goal.
  6. Refunds / Credits: The Board of Directors along with the Executive Office fully understands the impact on this transactional matter. We will continue manage the processes to account for previously completed A.M.E.S. transactions and/or honoring refundable transactions as requested. We will honor full credit to individuals interested in applying previous purchases (A.M.E.S. 2020 related) to the pending event or subsequent event with no additional charge. If you have any questions, please email us at
  7. Emergency Preparedness: The Board of Directors is currently working on a bylaw amendment requiring a contingency plan on various levels to specifically address similar scenarios in the future. The plan shall be required by the bylaws and detailed in the operational Guidebook and Standing Rules. As such unforeseen circumstances are subject to arise, the Board of Directors are charged with safeguarding and advocating for the best outcomes through proactive strategies. The plan shall be comprehensive and mutually considerate of all stakeholders, shareholders, and associated considerations.
    We, the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists Inc. and the governing Board of Directors, appreciate your continued support and understanding. It is our obligation to promptly champion a valuable solution, fortify the safeguard of policies and procedures to effectively manage applicable scenarios, and to above all represent the best interest of our members, communities, and stakeholders based on prudence, integrity, and good will. Please be advise of updates and communications as we navigate through the current state of events. Feel free to direct your questions, concerns, and/or feedback to:

Executive Board of Directors
Executive Office
The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists Inc.
Board Chair,

RAD Regards,
Brandon A. Smith, Board Chair
Executive Board of Directors
Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists Inc.

You can download the Official Postponement Statement below

Annual Meeting 2020 Announcement