Meeting At A Glance

TSRT 2019 Annual Meeting and Educational Symposium

Austin Community College-

Eastview Campus

3401 Webberville Road

Health Sciences Division Building 8000

April 4th-6th, 2019

Parking Lots F & D,

Lot C Accessible

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

1:30 pm  Pre-Board Meeting with Annual Meeting Committee (Room 8111)
Scientific Display Setup- (Room 8123, Between 1 pm and 6 pm)
2:30 pm  Area Counselor, Affiliate Reps & TSRT Board Meeting (Room 8111)
3:30 pm  Open Budget & Bylaw Forum (Room 8111)
4:00 pm  TMB Update & Educational Alliance Meeting (Room 8111)
4:30 pm-6 pm  Pre-registration & Vendor Booth Set Up
7:00 pm  Karoake – Barrel O’ Fun (1911 Aldrich St. Suite 120B  Austin, TX  78723- Parking Complimentary in the Garage)

Complimentary Event & Buffet

Friday, April 5, 2019
Program Director- Student Events & Tech Track CEUs (Multi-Purpose Hall- Room 8500)

7:00 am  Registration- Welcome to TSRT 2019 Breakfast Symposia with Exhibitors

8:00 am  Roentgen Rally Student Bee Challenge

9:30 am  Break

9:45 am  Keynote Speaker – Dr. Evan Cohn;  When the Doctor Becomes the Patient  (1.0 CE)

10:45 am Special Announcements and Sponsor Recognition

11:00 am Lunch

11:00 am -ASRT Lunch & Learn (Room 9229)– Author Journal Development– Julie Hinds BA, ELS, Scientific Journal Editor- No CE, Limited Seating

11:00am -Lunch & Interactive Cardiac Cath Lab Stimulation (Room 8219, 2nd Floor)- Bring Lunch- No CE, Limited Seating

Student & Tech CE Track
12:00 pm iLead 1 The Downwinders, Becky Johnson (0.25 CE)

12:20 pm iLead 2  Innovation in Detective Quantum Efficiency, Jeremiah J. Fenocchi (0.25CE)

12:40 pm iLead 3  Holography, The Future has Arrived, Already? Sharlene Nikki Valino  (0.25 CE)

1:00pm   iLead 4  An MRI- Compatible Robot, Saving the World One Breast at a Time, Adjoa Acheampong   (0.25 CE)

1:20 pm  iLead 5  A Look at the Brain with Interoperative MRI, Miranda Phillips    (0.25CE)

1:40 pm  iLead 6  3D Imaging in a Barbie World:  Stereophotogammetry Preoperative Planning in Cosmetic Surgery, Mylo Grayson (0.25CE)

2:00 pm  iLead 7  Staring in the Face of Patient Care, Andrew Seybt  (0.25CE)

2:20 pm  iLead 8 Radiography:  Volunteering Abroad, Amani Javed   (0.25CE)

2:40pm  Fluoro Gently Immobilizer, Frank Quattromani, (0.50 CE)

3:20 pm  Lois Lehman R.T.(R)(CT) Orthopedic Imaging (1.0 CE)

4:30 pm  Honor & Awards Banquet Ceremony Gala  (Immediately Following CEUs in Multi-Purpose Hall)

*Note- There will be 2 Tracks on Saturday- 2 Rooms Offering 8 CEUS per Room*

Saturday, April 6, 2019

7:30 am Registration- Welcome to TSRT 2019 Breakfast Symposium with Exhibitors

Tech CEUs Track 1 (Multi-Purpose Hall- Room 8500)

8:00 am Mapping your Future:  The Need for Continuing Professional Development, Dr. Timothy Blackburn (1.0 CE)

9:00 am  How to Handle the Difficult Radiology Patient- Norm Burgess(1.0 CE)

10:00 am  Osteogenesis Imperfecta- Medical Imaging’s Role -Beth Veale (1.0 CE)

10:55 am  Break

11:10 am Sport’s Medicine and Imaging, Those Crazy Extremity Injuries, Norm Burgess (1.0 CE)

12:05 pm Lunch/ TSRT Annual Business Meeting- Special Guest our Lobbyist Adam Burkland

1:00 pm  Mammographic and Sonographic Presentations of the Triple Negative Breast Cancers and Presentation of Axillary Lymphadenopathy, Dr. Richard Ahn MD(1.0 CE)

2:00 pm  Understanding Leadership Styles for the Radiology Technologist, Sandra Hayden (1.0 CE)

3:00 pm  Transgender Patients: Considerations for Care in Radiology, Kevin Clark(1.0 CE)

4:00 pm  Radiation Exposed!  Martyrs of Radiation Incidents and the Resulting Lesions, Rodney Fisher (1.0 CE)

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Tech CEUs Track 2  (Room EVC-8362 IVC– 3rd Floor)

8:00 am   Professionalism and the Technologist, Melanie Hail (1.0 CE)

9:00 am Trauma Through Time and Medical Advancements, Bhawna Oberoi  RPA  (1.0 CE)

10:00 am  What do those T and Z Scores Mean?  A Bone Densitometry Primer, Rodney Fisher (1.0 CE)

10:55 am  Break

11:10 am  CT Dose Next Steps, Jose Rodriguez (1.0 CE)

12:05 pm  Lunch/ TSRT Annual Business Meeting- Special Guest our Lobbyist Adam Burkland

1:00 pm Image Gently and Image Wisely, Lois Lehman R.T.(R)(CT) (1.0 CE)

2:00 pm  I Need to Talk to You:  Having Crucial Conversations, Beth Veale (1.0 CE)

3:00 pm  There’s Always Room for Improvement, Even in Mammography,  Evelyn Hairston (1.0 CE)

4:00 pm  Clinical Instruction, Supervision and Mentoring of Medical Imaging Students in the 21st Century, Dr. Francis Ozor (1.0 CE)

Evaluation Form Online– Please complete after the seminar.  The link will also be provided with your CE Certificate: