Meeting At A Glance

TSRT 2019 Annual Meeting and Educational Symposium

Austin Community College

Health Science Division

3401 Webberville Road

April 4th-6th, 2019

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

1:30 pm  Pre-Board Meeting with Annual Meeting Committee (Room 8111)
Scientific Display Setup (Between 1 pm and 6 pm)
2:30 pm  Area Counselor, Affiliate Reps & TSRT Board Meeting (Room 8111)
3:30 pm  Open Budget & Bylaw Forum (Room 8111)
4:00 pm  TMB Update & Educational Alliance Meeting (Room 8111)
4:30 pm-6 pm  Pre-registration & Vendor Booth Set Up
7:00 pm  Karoake – Barrel O’ Fun (1911 Aldrich St. Suite 120B  Austin, TX  78723- Parking Complimentary in the Garage)

Complimentary Event & Buffet

Friday, April 5, 2019
Program Director and Student Events (Auditorium- Room 8500)

7:00 am  Registration- Welcome to TSRT 2019 Breakfast Symposia with Exhibitors

8:00 am  Roentgen Rally Student Bee Challenge

9:30 am  Break

9:45 am  Keynote Speaker – Dr. Evan Cohn;  When the Doctor Becomes the Patient  (1.0 CE)

10:45 am Special Announcements and Sponsor Recognition

11:00 am Lunch

11:00 am -ASRT Lunch & Learn (Room 8362)– Author Journal Development– Julie Hinds BA, ELS, Scientific Journal Editor,

Student & Tech CEU Track
12:00 pm iLead 1 The Downwinders, Becky Johnson (0.25 CEU)

12:20 pm iLead 2  Innovation in Detective Quantum Efficiency, Jeremiah J. Fenocchi (0.25CEU)

12:40 pm iLead 3  Holography, The Future has Arrived, Already? Sharlene Nikki Valino  (0.25 CEU)

1:00pm   iLead 4  An MRI- Compatible Robot, Saving the World One Breast at a Time, Adjoa Acheampong   (0.25 CEU)

1:20 pm  iLead 5  A Look at the Brain with Interoperative MRI, Miranda Phillips    (0.25CEU)

1:40 pm  iLead 6  3D Imaging in a Barbie World:  Stereophotogammetry Preoperative Plaining in Cosmetic Surgery, Mylo Grayson (0.25CEU)

2:00 pm  iLead 7  Staring in the Face of Patient Care, Andrew Seybt  (0.25CEU)

2:20 pm  iLead 8 Radiography:  Volunteering Abroad, Amani Javed   (0.25CEU)

2:40pm  Fluoro Gently Immobilizer, Frank Quattromani, (0.50 CEU)

3:20 pm  Lois Lehman R.T.(R)(CT) Orthopedic Imaging (1.0 CEU)

4:30 pm  Honor & Awards Banquet Ceremony Gala  (Immediately Following CEUs in Auditorium)

*Note- There will be 2 Tracks on Saturday- 2 Rooms Offering 8 CEUS per Room*

Saturday, April 6, 2019

7:30 am Registration- Welcome to TSRT 2019 Breakfast Symposium with Exhibitors

Tech CEU Track 1 (Auditorium- Room 8500)

8:00 am Mapping your Future:  The Need for Continuing Professional Development, Dr. Timothy Blackburn (1.0 CEU)

9:00 am  How to Handle the Difficult Radiology Patient- Norm Burgess(1.0 CEU)

10:00 am  Osteogenesis Imperfecta- Medical Imaging’s Role -Beth Veale (1.0 CEU)

10:55 am  Break

11:10 am Sport’s Medicine and Imaging, Those Crazy Extremity Injuries, Norm Burgess (1.0 CEU)

12:05 pm Lunch/ TSRT Annual Business Meeting

1:00 pm  Mammographic and Sonographic Presentations of the Triple Negative Breast Cancers and Presentation of Axillary Lymphadenopathy, Jennifer Schopp MD(1.0 CEU)

2:00 pm  Understanding Leadership Styles for the Radiology Technologist, Sandra Hayden (1.0 CE)

3:00 pm  Transgender Patients: Considerations for Care in Radiology, Kevin Clark(1.0 CE)

4:00 pm  Radiation Exposed!  Martyrs of Radiation Incidents and the Resulting Lesions, Rodney Fisher (1.0 CEU)

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Tech CEU Track 2  (Room EVC-8362 IVC– 3rd Floor)

8:00 am   Professionalism and the Technologist, Melanie Hail (1.0 CE)

9:00 am Trauma Through Time and Medical Advancements, Bhawna Oberoi  RPA  (1.0 CEU)

10:00 am  What do those T and Z Scores Mean?  A Bone Densitometry Primer, Rodney Fisher (1.0 CEU)

10:55 am  Break

11:10 am  CT Dose Next Steps, Jose Rodriguez (1.0 CEU)

12:05 pm  Lunch/ TSRT Annual Business Meeting

1:00 pm Image Gently and Image Wisely, Lois Lehman R.T.(R)(CT) (1.0 CEU)

2:00 pm  I Need to Talk to You:  Having Crucial Conversations, Beth Veale (1.0 CEU)

3:00 pm  There’s Always Room for Improvement, Even in Mammography,  Evelyn Hairston (1.0 CEU)

4:00 pm  Clinical Instruction, Supervision and Mentoring of Medical Imaging Students in the 21st Century, Dr. Francis Ozor (1.0 CEU)