History of Organization

The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc. or TSRT is one of 54 affiliates of the ASRT. Founded in 1932 by Y.C. Smith (first president), the TSRT has the mission to advance the Radiologic sciences, to assist in establishing and maintaining high standards of education and training, to elevate the quality of patient care, and to improve the welfare and socioeconomic of Radiologic science professionals. The organization has activated interstate regional groups called affiliates (districts) within Texas which allow communication between technologists, ASRT and ARRT; as well as with the state of Texas.

Some outstanding members of the organization have been:

Y.C. Smith First President

Eloise Odam First Female President

Wade L. Hoots Legendary Technologist

Marilyn Sackett 1st Texas MRT Licensee

Gaynell Gaynell First African American President

1940s – 1960s

TSRT was small, but active in being a leader in promoting professional growth. Only between 1943 and 1946 did the organization become inactive due to World War II. Once revitalized, TSRT continued to develop regional districts of technologists, now known as state affiliates.


TSRT worked to bring forth state legislative efforts to protect the technologists, consumers and general public. However, most efforts were lost in state legislation. The organization did not give up continuing to educate the technologists and the citizens of Texas.


TSRT completed an interim study report in 1984 showing the misadministration and use of radiation imaging equipment within the state of Texas. In 1985 Texas Congressman Bill Haley and Senator Chet Brooks carried a bill to the state capital’s floors. The organization hired its first lobbyist and continued educational workshops in the interstate affiliates.

Then in 1987, technologists throughout the state of Texas rallied in Austin and on the last day of the legislation session the MRT Act of Texas was passed; giving Texas one of strongest licensures in the county.


TSRT worked closely with ASRT in efforts to activate the nation CARE Bill (Consumer, Accuracy, Responsibility and Excellence in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy). While there was some legislative opposition in the state, TSRT worked with the Texas Health Department to keep a line of communication, promoting consumer safety and Radiologic scope of practice.

2000s – Present

TSRT has joined the Texas Radiological Society and Texas Medical Association in support of legislation that will give the Radiologist Assistant a position under the MRT Act. TSRT has also joined forces with the Coalition for Ethical Imaging (CEI) in support of legislation that will ensure patient safety and oversee the overuse of diagnostic procedures.

Testimonies by Members

“Being a member of TSRT keeps me connected with my profession and gives me an ear and a voice. An ear, because the TSRT educational offerings keeps us up to date on the most current science and education that affects our practice, as well as to inform us of the challenges we are facing and how we can stay proactive as a larger body. A voice, because there are so many opportunities to get engaged and network with other professionals through annual meetings, committee work, and other volunteerism. that has been the richest part of my experience with TSRT. It is great to be a part of such an active organization that remains fully committed to our growth, both as individuals and as a profession.” – Lisa Ganus, RTRM, Lead Mammography Technologist, East Texas Medical Center Henderson/Jacksonville