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Let’s Work Together

As TSRT’s Executive Office Manager, I look forward to joining with members of our TSRT family across the state of Texas as we work together to ensure every technologist’s potential become a reality. It is indeed a privilege to be part of the organization that, for 86 years, has led the way in advocating on behalf of radiologic science professionals.

While celebrating our past achievements, we must recognize the need for TSRT is greater today than at any time in our history. In the years ahead, TSRT will be a driving force for positive change in our profession, but we need to speak up and speak out on behalf of our profession. Join with other advocates across the state by becoming an advocate member of TSRT. Make sure your voice is heard.

Our founders had a vision for transforming the radiologic science profession. They knew that working as an individual or in a single local organization would not be powerful enough to change laws, much less change society and its values. Their vision became a reality with the formation and development of TSRT, and their vision is alive and well today. By joining and being an active part of TSRT, you not only are helping yourself and workplace, you are helping all technologists in Texas.

Thank you for your commitment to TSRT. I can think of no greater honor than to join you in fulfilling our mission.

Marilu Kameliski

TSRT Executive Office Manager

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