Executive Staff Guidelines & Protocols

The TSRT Executive Office was established in 1998. The salary cap for the Executive Office is $30,000. This rate will never increase per vote by the Executive Board in 1998. The salary cap of the Executive Office is placed on the TSRT Budget as an individual line item.

1. Upon employment of any Executive Office Manager of the Society, a formal agreement must be signed by the employee and the TSRT Board Chair. The agreement shall list the salary cap, payment schedules, and job responsibilities. Solution to funds being available to make payment is also covered in the contract.

2. The Executive Office Manager reports directly to the TSRT Board Chair the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly issues of the Executive Office.

3. The Executive Office Manager will handle the day to day operations of the Executive Office.

4. The Executive Office Manager will kept an active checking account. The individual will report to the Board Chair all reports on a monthly basis. The Board Chair has access to the checking account through online banking.

5. The employee must provided information and sign any appropriate documents as required by law for tax purposes.

6. Employees with a paid employee agreement must submit a board report prior to each board meeting and as requested by the Executive Board.

7. If any Executive Staff member is unable to complete a job responsibility or attend a meeting, it is the responsibility of the Executive Staff member to inform the Board Chair by telephone or email as soon as possible.

8. If any Executive Staff member is unable to fulfill their responsibilities at a meeting, and a replacement is appointed for that meeting, the replacement shall receive the benefits of that position excluding salary.