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TSRT Board
Board Chair – Hazel Bourne
President – Brandon Smith
President Elect – Kyle Green
Vice President – Jeanifeer Lara
Executive Office Manager- Marilu Kameliski
Past Student Intern and Assistant- Jennifer Otrezov
Central Area Counselor –
Midwest Area Counselor –
Northeast Area Counselor – Jeniesa Johnson
Northwest Area Counselor –
South Area Counselor –
South Central Area Counselor – Margaret Bishop
Southeast Area Counselor –
West Area Counselor – Jose Rodriquez
Student Intern- Cody Scogins
Student Intern- Haley Brock


To contact a member of the TSRT Board , please email to:

TSRT Executive Office
3700 Preston Rd #332
Plano, Tx. 75093