Committees & Appointments

The TSRT President will form all committees they deem necessary and appoint members to all standing and special committees. The TSRT President will appoint the member of the committee to serve as Committee Chair. Term of service will be one year.

Committee Member Qualifications: Member in good standing with TSRT and other qualifications as determined by the Board of Directors.

Committee Chair Qualifications: Member in good standing with TSRT and other qualifications as determined by the Board of Directors.

Committee Chair Duties: Submit electronic committee report to the Board of Directors two weeks prior to the quarter meeting. Submit additional committee reports as requested by the Board of Directors. Committee reports should detail committee activities, including but not limited to: changes in committee structure, progress on committee projects, and recommendations to the Board of Directors. Committee chairs will be expected to operate within their budget. Any additional expenses will be submitted to the Board Chair in advance for approval. Communicate, in writing, to all committee members appointments and other committee business. Submit thank you letter to all committee members who have completed their service.

Committee e-Reports: Reports should be made to the Board of Directors. They should contain, but are not limited, to the following: Identification of committee submitting report, identification of the committee members, statement of the resolution given to the committee, summary of the methods of investigation of the committee used, summary of the information the committee gathered, summary of the work accomplished, committee findings, committee recommendations, action items, and non action items.

To save time in a Board Meeting, a committee recommendation can be made in the form of a motion. It does not need a second because at least on other member approved the report. The motion can then be discussed and voted on.

ASRT House of Delegate/Alternate Representatives
  • Jeanifeer Lara – TSRT Board Chair –
  • Jose Rodriguez – TSRT President –
Administrators’ Alliance
  • Vacant (Chair)
    • Imaging leaders/directors/supervisors/administrators are invited to join and represent the interests of the profession from a leadership/ technological/operations/service line perspective.
Annual Meeting Committee
  • Courtney Snyder (Chair)
  • Gerardo Ortiz – Student Affairs
  • Jessyca Wagner
  • Jeanifeer Lara
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Rodney Fisher
  • Jennifer Otrezov
Area Counselors
  • Alamo Region, Vacant
  • Capital Region, Vacant
  • Central Region, Vacant
  • Coastal Bend Region, Vacant
  • Gulf Coast Region, Courtney Cross
  • High Plains Region, Vacant
  • Metroplex Region, Kelly Britton
  • Northwest Texas Region, Beth Veale
  • South Texas Region, Hortencia Gonzalez
  • Southeast Texas Region, Vacant
  • Upper East Texas Region, Vacant
  • Upper Rio Grande Region, Matthew Casale
  • West Texas Region, Vacant

Bylaws & Procedures Committee

  • Jeanifeer Lara (Chair)
  • Gerardo Ortiz
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Rodney Fisher
  • Jeanifeer Lara
Continuing Education Committee
  • Courtney Snyder (Chair)
  • Kevin Clark
Educational Alliance (Alliance Committee for Educators)
  • Gerardo Ortiz(Chair)
  • Texas Medical Imaging and Radiologic Science Programs
    • Each College / University Program is allotted two (2) members to represent the stake of their respective programs upon the approval of the program’s director or administrator.

Honor & Awards Committee

  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Interdisciplinary Advisory Council 

  • Vacant (Chair)
  • Advanced Level Representative (RRA, RPA), Vacant
  • Computed Tomography, Vacant
  • Interventional Radiology (CI/VI, etc.), Vacant
  • Magnetic Resonance, Vacant
  • Mammography, Vacant
  • Nuclear Medicine (PET), Vacant
  • Professionalism (Non-Clinical: administration, education, informatics, etc.), Vacant
  • Radiation Therapy, Vacant
  • Radiography, Vacant
  • Sonography, Vacant
Legislative Committee
  • Jose Rodriguez (Chair)
  • Vicki Dillard
  • Bailey Ramirez
  • Barbara Cates
  • Lesa Mohr

Nominating Committee

  • Vacant (Chair)
  • Courtney Cross
  • Beth Veale
  • Hortencia Gonzalez
  • Matthew Casale
  • Kelly Britton
Organizational Development & Marketing Committee
  • Jeanifeer Lara (Vacant)
  • Cary Johansen
  • Haley Brock
  • Jence Cantu

Student Affairs Committee

  • Gerardo Ortiz (Chair)
  • Aaron Emfinger
  • Debra Wynn
  • Patrice Washington
Technology & Networks Committee
  • Jennifer Otrezov (Chair)
  • Allison Puente
  • Jacob Greene
  • Jessyca Wagner
  • Kimberly Onstott