Board Meetings and Conference Call Minutes

TSRT 2018 Winter Board Meetings and Conference Call Minutes

TSRT 2018 Winter Board Meetings and Conference Call Minutes
Texas Society of Radiologic Technologist, Inc.
Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting- Winter Board
February 3, 2018
5:00 PM

Location of Meeting: A Conference Call
3700 Preston Rd Apt 332
Plano, Texas 75093

Present at Meeting: Marilu Kameliski, Brian Rich, Kyle Green, Brandon Smith, Jose Rodriguez, Gloria Clemons, Margaret Bishop, Cassandra Johnson, Jennifer Otrezov, Hazel Bourne, Jesse Pennington
Absent from Meeting: Jeniesa Johnson
The regular meeting of the Winter Board of Texas Society of Radiologic Technologist, Inc. was
called to order at 5:00 PM on February 3, 2018 on a conference call by Jesse Pennington.

  I. Approval of Agenda

The agenda for the meeting was distributed and approved by a majority of those

                                                                                                                          II. Review of Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved by a majority of the Officers
in a previous communication via email

                                                                                                                          III. Consideration of Open Issues

A. E Reports, Discussion and Information from Officers And EOM

Brandon Smith– Vice President report
1. Developed and delivery of the customized Program Invitations.
2. Composition of the Program Roster
3. Support of the Nomination Committee
4. Design/Maintenance of the Election Runner
5. Regular communication with the Board Chairman & President-Elect
6. Coordination/Collaboration with Student interns
7. Coordination/Collaboration with Student Interns w/ Chairperson, Cassandra Johnson
8. Communication with the Program Directors and representatives
9. Processing/receiving Student Competition items/structures
Projects/Anticipated Events:
1. Solicitation letters for Judges
2. Meeting with local organizations about establishing affiliations

Jesse Pennington– President report
1. Completed ASRT Alternate Texas Delegate documentation for the 2018 ASRT HOD meeting.
2. Communicated with Board Chair, Brian Rich by e-mail and phone on numerous TSRT issues.
3. Called special meeting to investigate 2017 Vice Presidential Election.
4. Communicated with Vice President, Brandon Smith to support student membership drive and Vice-Presidential Election.
5. Communicated with Board Chair, Brian Rich on posting of TSRT By-Law revisions on TSRT website.
6. Revised TSRT By-Laws based upon ASRT input / recommendations and sent the revisions to the TSRT Board for review on 1-29-18.
7. Communicated with the ODM Committee.
8. Communicated with MD Anderson, Program Director, Dr. William Undie and promoted the TSRT Annual Meeting.

Hazel Bourne– President-elect Report
1. Assisted with Bylaws revisions
2. Assisted with the review and revision of the TSRT budget
3. Worked with Vice President to create sponsorship letters for student competitions
4. Worked with Vice President to revise the student intern application and handbook.
5. Collaborated with Board and Nominating Committee in an emergency meeting on election fraud during 2018-2019 elections for Vice President
6. Worked with Board Chair and student intern verifying votes and voter eligibility in new election to be certified by Nominating Committee.
7. Recruited speakers for TSRT 2018 8. Recruited sponsors for TSRT 2018
8. Promote TSRT membership in Houston and surrounding areas

Brian Rich– Board Chair report
1. Worked with Board on election ballot system for VP election
2. Worked with Board and ODM on TSRT website change and funding
3. Worked with the TSRT President and EOM on final Charter renewal and election report for ASRT
4. Created 2018-2019 proposed budget for membership vote per Bylaws
5. Conference call with Board Officers in emergency election meeting due to breaches and fraud
6. Reviewed bank statements and expenses as required in Bylaws for the Board Chair
7. Reset all passwords, for security reasons, for bank account, PayPal and Runbox and distributed to Board Officers
8. Coordinated removal and storage of TSRT property from Kilgore to Conroe, Tx
9. Solidified TSRT 2018 site
10. Answered numerous emails and returned phone calls to the TSRT for members
11. Sent out address to members regarding election breach and new vote dates.
12. Worked with Vice President and Board on new election ballot
13. Worked with President-elect and student intern on counting votes in new election for
certification by Nominating Committee.
14. Worked with the Board, EOM (Marilu) and Jennifer Otrezov on financial, membership and registration spreadsheets.
15. Continue to familiarize new EOM with Bylaws, banks, membership, email revisions and reports for compliance with ASRT and due date of 60 days after fiscal year end.
16. Worked with the TSRT President to obtain Director and Officer insurance for ASRT programs.
17. Worked with the President on securing ASRT funds for the Affiliate Financial Development Program and finalized funds. Deposited funds.

Marilu Kameliski– EOM report
1. Continue to train under Chairman of the Board Brian Rich
2. Recruited Sponsors and Vendors for the TSRT Annual Convention
3. Sent W9 and Invoices to the Sponsors and Vendors
4. Answered and sent emails to the board pertaining to TSRT business
5. Returned calls from members inquiring about the new TMB in classroom CES
6. Made a new outlook (free) email account for TSRT, to help to work towards a more modern communication with the board and members,
7. Hope of making a Mailchimp web blast account for event campaigns- forever free 2,000 max contacts may make two free accounts for overflow of our 800 members and continued contacts. Still investigating other web blast companies Send in Blue, free, made an account, unlimited  contacts but you can only send 300 emails a day.
8. Continue to learn about the present run box email service
9. Reached out to board members in Dallas to get them to contact the colleges in hopes that they will decide to come to the TSRT Annual Convention
10. Contacted our former CPA Gabriel Gearhart, Henderson, TX- and our new CPA, nonprofit CPA David Schnaufer in Dallas, TX – had a conference call to work out the tax preparation
11. Investigated our tax structure, found TSRT on the Texas State Comptroller assured our franchise is in good standing business. Learned that we can do a post card or
990 EZ dependent if we gross above or under $50,000 a year.
12. Learned our fiscal year is September to August with the taxes being due Jan. 15th- different from the regional society that I manage.
13. Called ASRT to assure no documents were needed, they stated will be due on Oct. 30th; 60 days from the end of our fiscal year. GEN will need to be completed at that time to keep us under ASRT 501c6.

Margaret Bishop– Central Area Counselor
1. I have sent information about our Annual Meeting to most Hospitals in our Area.
2. I have contacted Rudy Garza at Austin Community College, but we are to have a meeting as soon as he returns from Jury Duty.
3. I have not heard from St Philips College Radiology Program. I know that Brandon sent them information.
Please let me know if anyone has heard from them. If not, I will follow up.

Gloria Clemons– Northwest Area Counselor
I have sent email concerning the upcoming conference to imaging programs and mailed flyers to 9 medical facilities in the northwest area to include the cities of San
Angelo, Amarillo, Abilene, Borger, Midland, Muenster, Odessa, and Lubbock.

Jose Rodriguez– West Area Counselor
I spoke to the program directors for Southwest University and PMI in El Paso about their students participating in the competitions during the annual meeting. They both mentioned that it may be difficult to have their students participate since the meeting is too far.  I have not been able to contact the EPCC program.
We held our West Texas meeting in November. It was a successful meeting with 23 attendees. It was generously sponsored by Samsung and held in the Southwest University auditorium. While I was hoping for more attendees, it was a great start to the TSRT presence in West Texas. I know that we will have a much greater turnout should we decide to have another meeting again this November.
After the TSRT Annual meeting I will be planning a 6CE Breast Conference for Saturday October 6th. I met with Lisa Tarbutton in January along with a handful of mammography technologists in El Paso and they expressed their need for greater education for mammography in the region. Since that meeting, the speakers have already been setup and we are just waiting for confirmation. I want to open the conference to all TSRT members for free if we can obtain a sponsor or two for the meeting. I am still looking for the sponsors.
I am considering having the possible November meeting at the same time as the October
Breast Conference and treating the classes more like breakout sessions. I would like the board’s input or ideas.
Thank you for letting me a part of this great Texas organization.

Educational Alliance
Cassandra Johnson– Chair
TSRT Educational Alliance Chair Meeting Notes
My Fall semester was extremely busy so really all I had the time to do was respond to emails and did have a discussion with Brian Rich at our NTRTS Top 25 meeting. I have been emailing the education programs regarding the annual meeting on a fairly regular basis and plan to continue to do so until it is time to go. Even if students don’t participate in the contests perhaps they will at least be there. I also sent a personal email to Jeff Killion at MSU to ensure their participation. I have been in contact with Brandon regarding some aspects of the meeting and student activities.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting.
Cassandra Johnson (formerly Haskins)

Student Intern
Jenny Otrezov
1. Improving on my skills and knowledge with Runbox.
2. Continue removing bad email addresses from Runbox.
3. Monitor and log all incoming memberships and transactions.
4. Monitor and log all incoming Annual meeting registrants.
5. Assisted in the VP election by counting votes and verifying voter eligibility.
6. Still need to familiarize myself with Mailchimp.

Kyle Green– ODM Chair/Incoming Vice President
1. Met with Larry Norris at Lone Star Cy-fair and talked to him about the urgency of getting students registered with TSRT and signed up for the annual meeting. He then referred me to Kathryn Whitfield who is in charge of those matters. She was unavailable due to illness.
2. Met with Cameron Tucker and spoke in detail about his position with the TSRT and what his roll has been, and what we think it should be. He would like to utilize his master’s degree in political science to inform students within the greater Houston area and further to explain the importance of the TSRT and how we can be strong, only if we are a united front.
3. Had a lengthy meeting with Jeff Lefever of dynamic media strategies about a new website and where we stand right now. Gave him a timeline of when we may be ready to revisit that conversation.
4. Spoke with Kathryn Whitfield today and gave her all of the timelines/deadlines in which she is expected to get Lonestar Cy-fair’s students registered for TSRT 2018. She is up to date and working on it now. She said that there is a lengthy paper trail that she is working on with the school to pay for all the students to attend but is confident that it will happen.
5. Spoke with Brian Rich briefly about Membership cards that could be used for identification purposes at the annual meetings and that could also be used to get
agreements with scrub companies and such for discounts.

IV. Committees and Consideration of New Business

Jesse Pennington:
We have had more progress this year than all years combined. A kudos to Brandon on the new elections. Hazel and Brian have worked with speakers and sponsors, and consented to competitions. We have affirmed all ASRT delegates and are planning the Vegas Delegate Trip. We called a VP Election special meeting, I worked with Brian on the bylaw revisions. Thanks to ASRT with bylaw suggestions.

A. Misc. Items
Brian Rich, Chairman
Brian secured all accounts and passwords. Moved to PayPal versus Merchant services,
PayPal is more than 1/2 cheaper than Merchant services. Worked with Hazel and Marilu to get them on the Regions account. TSRT property storage in Conroe from old managers belongings. It is 5 miles from his house. Jenny Otrezov jumped in and is redoing spreadsheets, contacts, and memberships to ensure proper book keeping. Jenny inquired about getting Quick Book. Marilu is getting acquainted, getting sponsors and vendors.

 “I want the board to know every fiscal year, $6,000 is available from the ASRT Affiliate Financial Development Program. The Affiliate Development Program is not available every year”.

Jesse inquired how much board insurance?- $3,350.05.

No employee property coverage can get it down to about $2500 and the TSRT will net about $4000. TSRT was able to collect over $8,000 this year from both programs. Jesse and Brian commented next budget has $1,000 for student scholarships. Jesse stated that the Affiliate program he thought was going to be a lot of work, but when he worked with Brian it was simple.

Brian stated we have $11,000 in the treasury. Brian also stated the business model is a treasurer coming on board. Jesse and Hazel remarked we have growing pains, something new. It will take all of us to continue to work at it. Jesse stated more documents, but it will be easier in time.

B. Budget and Bylaws

Jesse Pennington And Brian Rich
Jesse stated the bylaws and budget should be posted online to vote on. Brian sent 2 emails out regarding the bylaws, got no response. Brian will revise and post online to vote at the annual meeting on April 5-7, 2018. Brian submitting new Bylaws and Budget for vote

C. ODM And Area Counselors

Brandon Smith and Brian Rich
Brandon explained counselor’s importance in the board structure. Brian explained to Margaret Bishop, area counselor, how the big corporations President answers to a large board. Having a structured board chair, and having the area counselors as part of the board will broaden the voting capacity of the membership.


Marilu Kameliski Chairman
The last CERTT seminar was in West Texas end of 2017. The old business days ASRT took over 45 days to approve CEs. Now it is shortened to 10 business days. We will look into the need in time to still continue with the TSRT CERTT program.

E. Educational Alliance

Cassandra Johnson Chair
Cassandra explained there was a lot of communication last year to prepare for TSRT 2107, this year she sends out a lot of emails and gets maybe 1-2 responses. Marilu interjected and stated that when a business moves they lose 20% of their clients. Having the change of a new manager it’s important to advertise the new contact. Brandon stated he would make a flyer and we would post on social media and to the members in Runbox.

F. Elections and Nominations

Brandon Smith And Brian Rich
Brian stated the results first in survey monkey there was a glitch where someone can vote more than once on a computer, in Google Chrome, then in Firefox, etc. Brandon worked with Brian and Jenny Otrezov to launch a new software to vote, the elections were re-launched from the first one’s breech in the voting process. The new election was a success, Jenny stated whoever voted was eligible. 121 voted, it was close, the results are Kyle as the new VP.

G. Grants and Scholarships

Brian Rich, Chair: TSRT proposes $2500 in the budget to go toward scholarships.

H. Honors and Awards.

The board went over all the awards that are listed on the website and we will have an election and present them at this year’s TSRT. Brian stated after TSRT annual meeting we will focus on downtime business organization from April to the first of August when we will then start getting paperwork submitted for Fiscal Year end on August 31st, 2018.

I. Annual Meeting/ Oopers

Brian Rich Chairman
Talked about preparing for the meeting, asked the other officers about the college attendance, competitions. We have made $6300 in sponsorship to date. Hazel talked about the iLead student presentations, and the speakers. Cassandra Johnson spoke about thank you letter and baskets that we would like to present to speakers. Brian spoke about how Lois Lehman past TSRT president, is assisting with personnel on next year’s TSRT venue in Austin, Texas.
Cassandra expressed the concern of limited marketing we have been doing for this year’s TSRT. Marilu stated she will work on getting marketing out in Mailchimp web blasts, Facebook and LinkedIn. Brian stated he would lead the OPPers, and recognize a past President who has passed away, if any have.

Brian expressed concern for attendance, now that we have vendors, we need students and technologist to attend. Brandon stated with the student affairs he has been working diligently with all the colleges to get support at TSRT.

J. Technology

Brian Rich
New website plans with Seppi Technology and Kyle Green to assist. Jesse remarked that we have the funds, so we can do this. Kyle is working to look through the existing website pages to see what we need to keep and discard. Gloria Clemons, area counselor, stated that TSRT needs to keep a lot of the website pages. Brian remarked he would love to launch the new website at TSRT.

K. Legislative and New Business

Brian Rich And Jesse Pennington
Brian Rich, Chairman, discussed this past year’s progress and changes with Texas Medical Board. He states that he wanted a representative from TMB to come and talk at TSRT; Sarah Tuthill. Brandon remarked that he wants to make sure the audience is respectful to the information presented.

V. New Business

Jesse Pennington stated he had to step down in the near future. This would make Hazel Bourne the Chairman, Brandon Smith the President, Kyle from VP to President Elect, according to succession in the bylaws. When Jesse did in fact step down, Brian would ask the second-place vote winner, Sandra Lara, if she would take the VP position pending board approval according to the TSRT Bylaws. Brandon Smith requested a smooth transition and process, and though we want to give Jesse the privacy and room to move, Brandon stated we need to be ready so that the Officers are orientated in their new roles.

VI. Agenda and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at1:30pm PM on April 5, 2018 at:
Lone Star College Montgomery
3200 College Park Dr Conroe, Texas 77384
The agenda for the next meeting is as follows:
Pre-Board Meeting with Annual Meeting Committee, Area Counselor, Affiliate Reps & TSRT
Board Meeting. Open Budget and Bylaw Forum, Texas Medical Board Update, Educational
Alliance Meeting with Georgette Shephard, True Colors with 1 CE.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM by Jesse Pennington.
Minutes submitted by: Marilu C. Kameliski BS R.T.(R)(M) TSRT Executive Office Manager