Annual Meeting Rules and Agenda

Texas Together, Collaborating 2019!

Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium of the TSRT

April 4th-6th, 2019

Welcome as we prepare for the TSRT 2019 Annual Meeting! TSRT will be celebrating its 87th year and we are excited to be in Austin! We are happy that you will be a part of TSRT 2019 – a RAD experience. In this 87th Annual Meeting, you will have the chance to encounter new technologies and to refresh your radiology skills relating to a full range of imaging modalities. We hope you enjoy this educational offering. Please remember to complete your Attendance Verification Log and Program Evaluation Form. Please drop them off at the registration desk. Your proof of continuing educational credit certificate will be emailed to the address provided on your Attendance Verification Log.

Rules and Procedures for Business Session: All registrants to the meeting are welcome to attend the business meeting of TSRT. No members shall be recognized by the Chair until he or she has stepped to the floor microphone, addressed the Chair, and made known his or her name. Members are requested to speak clearly and distinctly into the microphone. Any member may speak and participate in debates. Members shall speak no more than twice during the same session, on the same question, and no longer than three minutes each time. Only active members shall be allowed to vote on motions.

Decorum: Admittance to all business sessions, scientific sessions, special sessions, and functions of entertainment will be only to those wearing identification badges. During business sessions, all active members should be seated in the section reserved for voting members. All are requested to maintain a suitable level of courtesy and attention to the speakers in the proceeding. Communication to the platform or to persons in the assembly must be conveyed by one of the Sergeant-at-arms. No literature of any kind shall be distributed in the meeting rooms or halls without permission of the TSRT Board of Directors. All cell phones and laptops will be turned off during business sessions and educational classes.

Meeting Rules: These meeting rules shall be adopted by a majority vote, but the Chair may modify the order of business when it is in the best interest of assembly. All members and guests must be properly registered and receive identification badges, which are to be worn at all times. Proof of membership status for purposes of registration must be presented or established at the time of registration.

Business Session 1

Call to Order & Introduction of the Head Table

Annual Meeting Appointments & Credentials Report

Adoption of the Annual Meeting Rules & Agenda

Greetings & Recognition of Sponsors & Vendors


Presentation of Edna Elliott TSRT Professional Technologist Hall of Fame

Presentation of the Sharon Coffey Educator of the Year Award

Presentation of the Wade L. Hoots Lecture Medallion

Presentation of the Rising Star Award

Presentation of the Margaret Bishop Volunteer Service Award

Presentation of the James Johnston Administrator’s Achievement Award

Presentation of the Past President Pin

Presentation of Board Chairman Certificate

Presentation of Student Competition Awards

Introduction of the the 2018-2019 Incoming Officers

Annual Meeting & Board Chair Reports

Disposition of the 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes and Accounting Report

Adoption of Proposed Budget and Bylaw Amendments