2023 Student Contests

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Student Contests

Friday, April 21, 2023

Applications for all student contests have been extended to March 10, 2023!

On the pages below, you will find the specific rules and the application form for each contest.

If you are a registered technologist and TXSRT member and are interested in judging one or more of these contests, please fill out the form below!  Your volunteering means a lot to our students!

If you have any questions, email the Vice President of TXSRT or the Executive Office Manager of TXSRT.

Award of Merit Scientific Essay Rules

Award of Merit Entry Form

A 5 – 10 page paper in APA or AMA format about a topic in radiologic sciences.  The student does not have to attend the conference to participate.

iLEAD Presentation Rules

ILEAD Entry Form

A 15-minute presentation made at the annual meeting about a topic in radiologic sciences.  The student must be at the conference to participate.

RAD TEES T-Shirt Rules

RAD TEES Entry Form

A t-shirt design based upon original artwork from a topic on radiologic sciences.  The t-shirt will be modeled during the 92nd Annual Meeting. The t-shirt designer(s) do not need to be present, but the t-shirt and a model must be at the conference.

Scientific Display (Poster) Rules

Scientific Display Entry Form

All posters must be submitted in digital format.  Below is a template that may be used.  Students are not restricted to using this template, but the poster must be digital.


This template was created by PosterPresentations.com.  Instructions for using the template can be found here:

Poster Template Quick Tutorials on PosterPresentations.com.

Note: TXSRT does not endorse PosterPresentations.com.  However, we do like that their template can be used for free!

Student Bee Rules

(Rules only. No application required!)

This is an hour-long Kahoot! contest.  Prior contest application is not required.  All registered students attending the conference are eligible to compete.

Want to judge this year?  Judges (except Essay Judges) must attend the 92nd Annual Meeting & Symposium!  Thank you for volunteering!

2024 Student Contest Judging Application