2022 iLEAD Presentation Competition

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First Place          $150.00 Cash Award

Second Place     $100.00 Cash Award

Third Place         $  50.00 Cash Award


Student Eligibility

  1. Radiologic Science, Radiation Therapy, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and MRI students in an accredited Radiologic Science or Medical Imaging Program who are not already registered or certified in a primary modality are eligible to enter this competition. If a student is registered or certified after the entry deadline but prior to the award announcement, the student will retain eligibility.
  2. The student must be a TSRT member by February 21, 2022 and at the time of the 2022 Annual Meeting.  TSRT membership applications can be found at www.txsrt.org

Application Process

  1. Applications will be accepted between January 10 and February 21, 2022.
  2. The student(s) must complete an online 2022 Application for the iLEADS Competition.
  3. While filling out the application, the student(s) will upload a Program Director verification letter of the student status. The attached letter from the Program Director must be on college/school letterhead and must be dated no later than February 21, 2022.
  4. The presentation does not need to be complete at the time of application, but the student will be required to submit the title of their presentation, a short abstract (approximately 50 – 100 words) about the presentation, a list of the objectives of the presentation, and an outline of the presentation. Incomplete applications will not be eligible.
  5. A student may submit only one presentation for the 2022 Annual Meeting and only one student author/presenter per presentation.
  6. If the student is participating in more than one contest, each contest requires a separate entry form.
  7. All iLEAD presentations will be made at the 2022 TXSRT Annual Meeting at a date and time which will be published. The student must present at the Annual Meeting to be eligible.
  8. The Annual Meeting schedule may restrict the number of presentations allowed. If this occurs, presentations will be accepted in the order received until the maximum number of presentations allowed is reached.


  1. Presentations submitted for award consideration must not have been shown at any previous TXSRT or ASRT meeting/convention and must be prepared entirely by the student speaker
  2. The outline of the presentation must cover the entire subject matter.
  3. The PowerPoint presentation must be PowerPoint 2000 or newer.
  4. To comply with ASRT rules and regulations for continuing education, the length of the presentation must be fifteen (15) minutes. The student’s program director/designee is responsible for ensuring that the presentation meets the 15-minute minimum time requirement. Judges/designee will time the presentation and their decisions are final.
  5. The topics must relate to the Radiologic Sciences or Radiation Therapy such as Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology, Ultrasound, Interventional, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, MRI, etc.), Radiation Therapy, Radioactive Events, Patient Care, Medical Diseases/Syndromes, and/or Professionalism.
  6. TXSRT Officers, iLEAD Chair, and/or Judges may disqualify/stop a presentation if they feel the speaker is presenting false, copied, or offensive information, or if the presentation is significantly outside the scope of practice of a medical imaging technologist.


  1. A panel of 3-4 judges will be selected by the Vice-President and/or iLEAD Chair
  2. Judges will use the approved scoring grid.
  3. Presentations will be judged on the following:
    1. Originality: New approach, procedure, or technique, evidence of research, and knowledge and level of difficulty of subject matter
    2. Value and Interest: Practical value/interest to technologist/students and educational value to technologist/students
    3. Presentation: Proper credit given where warranted, speaker followed previously submitted outline, orderliness and clarity of thoughts/ideas in the presentation, and evaluation of PowerPoint presentation including structure, spelling, and operation
  4. Scores will be tallied and then averaged.
  5. The students with the highest scores will be declared the winners.

Below is an example of the judging rubric:

iLEAD Presentation Competition 2022 Judging Rubric

Conflict Resolution

Any questions regarding the eligibility of a student which cannot be settled by the Vice President, eligibility status will be decided by the TXSRT Board of Directors and Officers and their decision shall be final.

Presentation of Awards

The presentation of awards will be at the annual conference at a date and time which will be published.  Any unclaimed awards will be sent the student via their program.


Submissions are closed for the 2022 Annual Meeting