2022 – 2023 Volunteer Opportunities

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Current volunteer opportunities

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Affiliate Development Annual Meeting By-Laws
Programs and initiatives regarding membership recruitment and development are discussed in this committee.  It is chaired by the President-Elect. The Annual Meeting including the schedule and events are planned by this committee.  It is chaired by the Executive Office Manager. This committee will review the current by-laws and recommend changes to the Board of Directors.  It is chaired by the Board Chair.
Legislative/Advocacy Committee Nominations Texas Student Leadership Development
Potential changes to state laws and other outside activities influencing our profession are reviewed by this committee and reported to the Board of Directors.  This committee will also plan ways for our profession to receive greater recognition in Texas.  The committee has its own chair This committee solicits and reviews candidate applications for the Board of Director election.  This year we will be electing a President-Elect, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.  It is chaired by the Board Chair This committee works with the Vice President, President, and EOM to ensure student interns are integrated into compatible duties with the Board of Directors during their internship.  The committee will administer a program of education for student interns about TXSRT, its mission, and its governance.  The program will assist interns into becoming leaders of TXSRT after their graduation.  The committee has its own chair.  Preference for committee members is given to previous student interns.





Coordinators are individuals who are running individual programs or events. 

They may have a co-coordinator to both share the work and for segue from one coordinator to another.

Education Coordinator


Fundraising Coordinator Historian/Photographer:
Works with the Annual Meeting committee with precuring speakers and obtaining CE approval from the ASRT.  The Educational Coordinator also acts as a resource person for areas wishing to hold area CE meetings. Works with the Treasurer and Executive Office Manager to coordinate fundraising activities.  Most of these will probably be at the Annual Meeting, but they could be held anytime during the year. This person will maintain the history of TXSRT and be the official photographer at the Annual Meeting.
Social Media Coordinator


Student Contest Coordinator

Award of Merit Essay

Student Contest Coordinator

iLEAD Presentations

Works with the EOM and Vice President to ensure TXSRT uses social media to its fullest potential. Works with the Vice President on this contest prior to the annual meeting. Works with the Vice President on this contest prior to the annual meeting.
Student Contest Coordinator

RAD T-Shirt

Student Contest Coordinator

Scientific Poster



Works with the Vice President on this contest prior to the annual meeting. Works with the Vice President on this contest prior to the annual meeting. Maintains and updates the website and maintains the email system









Area Counselors:

These individuals coordinate regional activities within their respective areas and represent their areas to the Board of Directors. 

See the map below for the different areas.  The areas currently needing Counselors are:

Alamo Capital Central
San Antonio Austin Waco, Temple, College Station
Costal Blend Gulf Coast High Plains
Victoria, Corpus Christi Houston, Galveston Amarillo, Lubbock
South Texas Boarder Southwest Texas Upper East Texas
Del Rio, Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville Nacogdoches, Beaumont Texarkana, Longview, Tyler
West Texas
Midland, Odessa, San Angelo







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For more information, please review the Operational Guidebook with Standing Rules located on the txsrt.org home page under Operational Procedures of the main menu.
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